Frequently Asked Questions

We often hear questions from people who want to sell their mobile homes but aren’t sure how to go about it. Do you want to learn more about our process and how we can help you with your manufactured home? We have put together our most frequently asked questions below. Please feel free to contact our office any time with additional questions! 1-800-866-0071 

Q:  Where are you currently buying mobile homes?
A: We are buying manufactured (mobile) homes throughout Colorado! We are currently focusing on: Denver, Westminster, Colorado Springs, Aurora, Fort Collins, Pueblo, Greeley, Boulder, Grand Junction, Golden, and Thornton. However, we’re interested in helping you with your mobile home no matter where its located! Call us today to tell us about your manufactured home!

Q:  How does the offer process work?
A:  Getting an offer is simple. First, we need to know about the mobile home you wish to sell. We’ll then make an offer… usually over the phone! Once you agree to our offer, we will come to view the manufactured home, presenting you with a formal contract. We want to make the process as quick and easy for you as possible!

Q:  What are the benefits of selling direct?
A:  When you sell your mobile home to us directly, you won’t have to worry about paying commissions, repair costs, or waiting around while a buyer is found. We offer a straightforward way for you to sell, oftentimes saving you time and money!

Q:  Are there any costs to work with you?
A:  Not when you choose to sell direct! When we buy your mobile home, you won’t have to worry about paying any agent commissions or fees… not even hidden ones!

Q:  How are you different from other buyers?
A:  We’re a housing solutions company who wants to help people who need to sell quickly. Our goal is to help educate people about their options when it is time to sell. Should you list or should you sell direct? We want to help you figure that out!

Q:  What are my selling options?
A:  There are many different things you could do to sell a mobile home. First, you can get a fast, fair, and direct offer from Mobile Home Buyers. We make the process as simple as possible so you can sell your mobile home and walk away. Or you could choose to list your mobile home. This option is a bit more time-consuming and expensive, with repairs and cleaning costs needing to be paid upfront. However, listing your manufactured home will give you a shot at getting a higher price. But keep in mind, there are no guarantees. A third option would be to sell the mobile home on your own. This is only recommended if you have prior experience in this area. Mobile home sales are unique. Before selling your mobile home in Colorado, make sure you are working with someone you can trust!

Q:  What is the timeframe for closing?
A:  For most mobile homes, we’ll be able to close in only a few days. Of course, we will leave the actual date up to you. We’ll always work on your time frame.

Q:  Will you buy my mobile home if I’m facing eviction or repossession?
A:  Absolutely! Selling your mobile home quickly is the best way to stop the banks and the parks from repossessing your home! If you’re at risk of losing your mobile home, don’t waste time and money trying to list it! Get a direct offer and sell quickly!

Q:  Is there any obligation when I submit my info?
A:  Never! We’re in the business of renovating mobile homes to provide housing to those who need it. We see many manufactured home owners who sell without knowing the options that are out there for them! Let us provide you with an offer and information about your selling options! We’re here to help!

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