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Since our inventory changes every week, many of our mobile homes don’t even get posted on our site because they’re sold to our preferred buyers before we get a chance. Now, to get a jumpstart on mobile homes as they become available, help us by telling us what you’re looking for in the survey below. We call it our Preferred Buyers list.

Step 2 - Finish Your Mobile Home Buyer Profile (Become A Preferred Buyer)

Spend 3 minutes to let us know what you're looking for. It'll help us find the mobile homes you're looking for. We put those who fill out this form on what we call our "Preferred Buyer" list. Mobile homes get sent out to Preferred Buyers first... then to the general list if Preferred Buyers don't snap it up. It's free. Just shows to us that you're serious.
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    NOTE: Cash buyers get preference over other financing methods because they're able to close more quickly. If you're not a cash buyer, no fear... we'd still love to work with you.
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